As a litigator with a busy practice, and as a wife and mother of two small children with a bustling household, focusing on my office space has not always been a priority for me ... until last year when I began working with Liseanne.  Through her skills and experience in applying Feng Shui to professional spaces,

Liseanne taught me how to create and maintain an office that is professional, powerful and a reflection of who I am as an individual.  By working with Liseanne, I have learned about the impact my environment has on me personally and professionally.  I have also been energized by the process and with Liseanne's help, my office is a space I truly enjoy being in.  I highly recommend Liseanne if you are looking for an effective way to organize your office space; you and your career deserve it.

Individual Office Consultation

Litigator in San Diego

What clients say about us...

I work full time and have three children and a busy household.  Liseanne sat me down in a quite place to discuss what I wanted my home to feel like.  She was open and creative. 

The consultation was exciting because it gave me hope that my home could be more than just chaos and disorganization.  She presented me with options and arranged them from least to most expensive.  she gave me so many ideas, large and small, to create a special place to live and raise our kids, and in doing so, she showed me first-hand how much our environment affects how we feel and live.  She is a master at organizing and at finding ways to improve space - I highly recommend her to anyone interested in creating a home or office that is organized, warm and calming.

Julie Vogelzang

Residential Consultation

Homeowner in Bay Park

   by Liseanne Kelly

I was curious to learn more when Liseanne told me that she applies the ancient art of Ba Zi analysis to assist people in finding balance in their professional lives and work space.  The combination of Liseanne's expertise in Ba Zi, professional experience and intuition produce a potent reading for professionals.  It makes a Myers-Briggs analysis seem superficial.  The knowledge I gained helps me to skillfully turn what I thought were weaknesses into my greatest assets.  My newly acquired personal insights maximize my effectiveness in the workplace.  So empowering! 

Allison Rolfe

Director of Development

Office Consultation

I was interested in Feng Shui because I have always been fascinated in the impact of chi and energy on my life.  I felt my house needed help and was interested in how Feng Shui might be able to transform my space.  Before working with Liseanne, I always disliked certain parts of my house.  For example, I was not happy with my outside entryway at all. 

Working with Liseanne was fun and informative.  We walked through every part of my house.  There were so many simple things that she recommended that made a big impact.  She gave lots of suggestions that I could implement right away and that impacted the feel of my space. 

After working with Liseanne the energy in my house overall feels lighter and more "fresh."  I now enjoy walking past my front entry way.

I would highly recommend working with Liseanne to balance the energy in your home or office.

Grace R.

Residential Consultation

Point Loma